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Topanga Days

Topanga Days

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, our amazing town of Topanga hosts a festival called Topanga Days. The festival, which has been going on for 45 years, is truly one of the greatest highlights of Topanga Life. It culminates with a Memorial Day Parade showcasing the creativity of the town. It features horses, floats, stilt walkers, dogs, children on bikes, and baton twirlers as well as a host of crazy things that can only be described as “So Topanga”. The staging area for the parade is in the parking lot directly across the street from Pebbles.

A few years ago, to add to this wonderful tradition, we decided to host a breakfast party at Pebbles for everybody decorating their floats and getting ready for the parade. It has grown to be a big part of the festivities to start the day and kick off the parade. We set up our big teepee, decorated with tassels and filled with pillows as a sort of photo booth. Our good friend and DJ, Chris fills the air with his cool tunes to get the party started. Tables decorated with fun table cloths and pom-poms are filled with toasted bagels and baked goods, hot coffee and Mimosas for the adults and fresh squeezed juice and lemonade for the kids.

Kids and families arrive dressed up in fun costumes to gather to celebrate with the rest of Topanga. They bring their bikes to decorate. We provide helium filled balloons for the kids and bags of candy for the children to pass out to spectators along the parade route.

One year, we made 20 mini-floats and gave them to families to decorate before the parade. Each family decorated their own float and brought them on the day of the parade. We pulled them together in the parade route. It was the Pebbles mini-parade within the parade. We were so amazed at what everybody created. It was a big hit that we may bring back one day.

One thing is for sure, everybody in town has come to expect a great pre-parade party at Pebbles on Memorial Day.